Sunday, June 29, 2008

The mansard roof goes up, the front windows go in, and a peek at the south facade

The Third Floor mansard roof and the new cornice (with integrated gutter) are almost finished construction. Unfortunately, the existing cornice was rotted out and fell apart when they were trying to remove what we're going to do is rebuild the framework for it and acquire salvaged corbels from Provenance Architectural Salvage in order to restore it the best we can. It was really exciting to see the mansard roof go up as it is one of the most prominent features of the house. As you can see, the window in the master bedroom is quite large and will bring an incredible amount of northern light, along with a great view. Due to the nature of the sloped mansard roof, this window has a very deep sill. We have decided that instead of constructing a typical window (flower) box here, we are going to install a shallow planting bed that will have similar plants as the green roof above. Kind of a miniature green roof.

Also, the Kolbe double-hung windows have been installed in the front facade and they look great! We are very happy with them and the contractor has had nothing but good things to say about the quality.

A first look at the south facade. The sun shades have yet to be installed over the large windows.

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SummerEllen said...

This looks great! The whole thing seems like such a fun project. I've started buying lotto tickets in order to secure this as my "get away to Philly pad".

What?! It's a totally feasible plan.