Saturday, December 6, 2008

The sheet rock has been installed

Yesterday the drywall crew arrived bright and early. We were expecting 3-4 workers, but instead a crew of 6 was waiting in front of the house with their tools in hand. We had all the drywall staged in the house the previous day right after it arrived from Green Depot. These guys work amazingly fast. By mid-afternoon, they had finished the 3rd floor, most of the 2nd floor, and were starting on downstairs. Our contractor decided to go with 4'x12' sheets instead of the standard 4'x8' ones. When hanging them horizontally, we ended up with less waste as most walls in the house are not more than 10' or 11' in length.

The bathrooms are wrapped with water-resistant board on both the walls and the ceilings for extra protection (it's not uncommon to find it used only on the walls).

While I knew this stage would be a big milestone in the project, it always surprises me how much drywall can transform a space. No matter how many times I go through this process, it's exciting every time. There's something about being able to 'see' the walls that makes the house seems much more finished than before. We're leaving the drywall as is for now, without taping and mudding the joints as we know that we have just one day before the open house. We also left certain areas open throughout the house, without any drywall, so that people can get a sense of what's underneath and see some of the structure and building systems.

Now for the final clean up....urh,...

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