Tuesday, January 6, 2009

NBC Channel 10 News segment

Here's a link to the video clip on NBC's site: NBC Philadelphia.com: Greening History. You can also view it right here:

Our 'green renovation' news segment aired bright and early this morning, Wednesday Jan. 07, at 5:45am and 6:45am. It will also air again on Sunday, Jan. 11, at 7:30 am. Thanks to Terry Ruggles of Channel 10 for considering the Montrose House for their segment.

Work on the house slowed considerably over the holiday. Today we're meeting with our contractor at the house to pick up where we left off before the break and determine what outstanding work is left to do on his end. We'll also be heading up to Chinatown to meet with our stair fabricator to iron out some last minute questions on the dimensions and detailing of the steel stair. If all goes well, it should be ready to install by next week! Things are picking back up now and we'll post more updates shortly.


Jose said...

Who is going to watch the show at that hour!!!!

Southern Liberties, LLC said...

I know, it's early...but the newscaster said they actually have a decent amount of viewers - you know, before folks go to work. Anyways, we're happy to get any time slot when it comes to free publicity! We'll post the segment on the blog as soon as we can get a hold of the clip.