Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Second Floor gets a lift

All of the Second Floor joists have been raised up about 8". This ends up giving us about a 9' ceiling at the First Floor. The red line in the image below represents where the joists originally were and the green line is where they are now. It might not seem like much but it made a huge difference in how big the space feels.

Here you can see some of the new floor joists in place. We needed to double and triple-up some of the new joists and use LVL's, in order to keep them the same depth as the original timber joists.

An interesting shot from the Second Floor looking down at the Entry Door on the First Floor and then on down into the basement. If you look closely you can see the edge of the original claw foot tub that is slated to get refinished and used in the Second Floor bath. We are storing it in the basement for now.

Here is a shot from the newly framed Second Floor. I am standing in what will eventually be the front bedroom. You can see how low the original roof is! The new level of the Third Floor is about 3' above this! The blue tarp is covering the rear addition until Third Floor is built.

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