Thursday, May 15, 2008

Some sustainable strategies illustrated

The open stair acts as a 'chimney', and with the help of a whole-house fan at the third floor, warm air is able to exhaust out of the roof of the house while cool air is drawn in though the operable windows on the other floors. This will reduce the need for mechanical cooling on most summer days.

Numerous operable windows as well as the open floor plan design allow for cross-ventilation at all floors. This will continually allow fresh air into the home and reduce the need for mechanical heating or cooling during the temperate months.

Louvered horizontal sun shades are located above all the windows on the south facade. The shades will protect the south-facing glass from direct sunlight during the summer months but allow adequate heat gain from the suns rays during the winter months. This will dramatically reduce energy cost related to heating and cooling.

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