Thursday, May 14, 2009

Facade update

A quick post to show everyone the latest shot of the front facade with the new (old) Bluestone steps and sidewalk. This was taken around twilight on one of the beautiful Philly spring evenings that we're enjoying these days.

We're almost finished installing the floors (it's taking forever!) and have a team of carpenters coming next week to help us knock out the rest of the trim. Almost all of the tile is done. Many thanks to Merlin (our GC) for jumping in and helping us out with the tile installation.

The appliances arrive on Friday so the kitchen needs to be set (most of it is assembled) so the fixtures can go in their respective places - one reason we MUST have the floors done asap. We ended up going with the Cafe line from GE for the kitchen appliances. We liked the simple, modern and professional feel of the appliances as well as all the great write-ups. Moderately priced too.

We went with Whirlpool Duet Sport (stackable) for the Washer/Dryer. We had our sights set on the LG Tromm until we saw this frightening news piece. Sometimes procrastination pays off.

It's beginning to feel that the end is surely near. Famous last words, huh.


David said...

The link to the LG Tromm article is broken

Southern Liberties, LLC said...

You're right. Should be fixed now. Thanks for the heads up.